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Lauren Makk Shares Advice on How to Add Style and Safety to Home Décor With TipsOnTV

Eminent Designer Teams up for a Home Makeover



Apr 07, 2021, 22:00 ET


NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 7, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Lauren Makk has spent a lifetime culminating her "Reasonable Luxury" signature way to deal with plan. Lauren shares some stylistic theme ideas from Blink® Blinds + Glass and examines the numerous advantages of cordless blinds between glass for windows and entryways.

Significant DECOR

Lauren make share tips for improving the home.

Lauren make share tips for improving the home.

Windows are an enormous piece of the look and feel of a home. For security and light control, Lauren suggests Blink® Blinds + Glass on the grounds that the windows have the blinds encased between two protected glass sheets. They are important for the window when it is introduced in the home and the best part about this item, is that Blink® Blinds + Glass works for any home's style.


Normal blinds twist, or the strings gets wrecked, so they don't descend effectively any longer. One of the advantages of Blink® Blinds + Glass is there are no muddled lines or bowed blinds. They are genuinely upkeep free. Another advantage, since they are securely housed between glass sheets, they advance a better home by decreasing the development of residue and allergens. "Tidying the blinds" can always be marked off the daily agenda.

Blink® Blinds + Glass are adaptable, and they work with an assortment of window styles, similar to the Double-Hung and Casement windows. For an unobtrusive look, pick exemplary white blinds. The record dark or coffee tones are an incredible current choice. Browse six shading choices that supplement any style.

Blink® Blinds + Glass are extraordinary in entryways and can raise a doorway, while looking after protection. Lauren suggests utilizing Blink® Blinds in a lovely wood section entryway or for sliding glass deck entryways. Blink® Blinds + Glass are not difficult to raise, lower, or slant for most extreme light or greatest security. They are absolutely custom at the hint of a fingertip. The EasyGlide administrator won't "stick" or stick. Blink® Blinds + Glass are incredible quality and offer a 10-year guarantee and they are ideal for both another home or remodel.


As a mother, Lauren is hyper-mindful of her kids' security. Blink® Blinds are an incredible answer for youngster sealing a home. Not any more agonizing over youngsters or pets being harmed by hanging blind lines. In actuality, Blink® Blinds has gotten both the Parents for Window Blind Safety Seal of Approval and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association Best for Kids confirmation.

For more data, ask a developer, nearby home place or window vendor about introducing