In many areas of the United States, this business tends to be seasonal, however there are ways to circumvent this. If you lease a storage space, you can offer to store bicycles for people over the winter. If you wish to cater to the Lance Armstrong wannabes, you can operate your business the year long. Road racers train in snow, sleet and nighttime darkness. You can earn a living all year round by working alongside them. Some do have their own bikes. You can be sure that your Saturday shop hours will draw a large number of cycling enthusiasts who want to talk about everything bicycle related.


Sometimes, training or licensing might be required.

The hull must be cleaned prior to boats being pulled out of the water in winter or for repairs during the middle of the season. The type of boat will determine which parts must be cleaned. Start by reaching out and contacting homeowners with boats in their yards. You could also promote your services to marinas and ask for your services to clean the boats it has for clients.