It's an option for those who already have a company that is expanding rapidly. It's possible to expand your business rapidly through franchising. While franchise costs may be expensive and the process for transitioning into a franchise model may be a bit complicated, it could be a huge difference.

Diversifying your offering is a great idea. What products, information or services do you have that complement your company's current offerings? Consider expanding your business in order to expand. Find new areas of interest. Determine the root cause of the problems your clients face. What other services could you provide your customers? What other ways do you add worth to your exchange?
It requires an enormous amount of work to expand an enterprise. It is possible to create passive income streams when you are operating with very low margins. There's no need to fret about keeping your lights on. The passive income system lets you fail, but you won't be able to lose your shirt. You'll be in a position to keep your company in good shape and expand quickly, scale and market with ample resources.