Cohen and Steers Limited Duration Preferred and Income Fund, Inc. (LDP) Notification of Sources of Distribution Under Section 19(a)


Cohen and Steers알트벳
Apr 28, 2021, 20:09 ET


NEW YORK, April 28, 2021/PRNewswire/ - This public statement gives investors of Cohen and Steers Limited Duration Preferred and Income Fund, Inc. (NYSE: LDP) (the "Asset") with data in regards to the wellsprings of the conveyance to be paid on April 30, 2021 and total disseminations paid monetary year-to-date.

In December 2016, the Fund carried out an oversaw dispersion strategy as per exemptive help gave by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The oversaw appropriation strategy looks to convey the Fund's drawn out complete return potential through standard month to month dispersions proclaimed at a fixed rate for every normal offer. The arrangement gives the Fund more noteworthy adaptability to acknowledge long haul capital additions consistently and to disperse those increases on an ordinary month to month premise to investors. The Board of Directors of the Fund may correct, end or suspend the oversaw conveyance strategy whenever, which could adversely affect the market cost of the Fund's offers.

The Fund's month to month appropriations may incorporate long haul capital additions, momentary capital increases, net speculation pay or potentially return of capital for government annual expense purposes. Return of capital incorporates dispersions paid by the Fund in abundance of its net speculation pay and net acknowledged capital increases and such overabundance is appropriated from the Fund's resources. An arrival of capital isn't available; rather, it decreases an investor's assessment premise in their portions of the Fund. The measure of month to month disseminations may differ contingent upon various elements, remembering changes for portfolio and economic situations.
At the hour of every month to month conveyance, data will be presented on and sent to investors in a simultaneous notification. Notwithstanding, this data may change toward the year's end on the grounds that the last assessment attributes of the Fund's appropriations can't be resolved with assurance until after the finish of the schedule year. Last expense attributes of the entirety of the Fund's disseminations will be given on Form 1099-DIV, which is sent after the end of the schedule year.

The accompanying table presents the assessed measures of the current circulation and the total dispersions paid this monetary year-to-date from the sources demonstrated. All sums are communicated per regular offer.